Just over one year ago I fell for an electronic cigarette add, from Vapor Corp, offering a , $4.95 trial, for their product. Since then I have been receiving a pack a month and $49.00 removed from my debit account.

I have attempted; phone, e-mail, and snail mail contact to stop this, but have received, No, response.

To make matters worse the charger sent with the first order didn't work and I have 13 unopened packages in a drawer. Short of changing my account, which would affect my legitimate business dealings, I don't know how to stop these guys.

Monetary Loss: $592.

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You need to contact your bank and dispute the charges. I cancelled my card and got a new one sent to me to stop the madness.

I just set up anything going through that card to a different card.

If it was done through your bank account it will only affect the card not the bank account so if you have Direct Debits through the account and not the card there is no impact. I would totally call my bank and ask for suggestions on how to handle it.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States #759439
Horribly bad company!!!! They sent me an offer for a FREE STARTER KIT!!

In the add there was no mention of anything else when I enroll I get an email with terms and conditions with crazy high cost. I cancelled within less than 5 minutes and still had problems with this company. I closed out my card because I didn't trust them not to continue charging/stealing from my account.

I am surprised there are not more people complaining about his company!! :(
Columbia, Kentucky, United States #743019

Didn't it dawn on you that you could have just cancelled the debit card? Also, now you know why it is never a good idea to allow someone to take money from your account.

Always use a credit card online.

Never a debit card, or worse give them your bank account number. Now you know.

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